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You got a new computer and the excitement is rising. You can't wait to turn it on and get to seeing how suped up it really is. The thing though is to tread carefully before you get your software all booted up. Thankfully with the new Intel 10-core processor, you're going to see some amazing speeds.

Before you get going on your computer and playing with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) software, be wary. This software should have disks that were sold with the hardware you purchased. If not, this software is most likely illegal and it violates the license. This can invalidate any technical support you receive from the manufacturer, software upgrades, patches or service packs. The software could also contain spam or spyware that would render your new equipment useless.

Here are some suggested steps to assist you in maintaining your equipment, prolong its lifespan and not fill your RAM with junk.

  1. Make sure you install back-up software. Most people have heard of Carbonite. I would also like to suggest CrashPlan. Both offer a full back-up of your system to the cloud and are highly trusted.
  2. Add CCleaner to your computer and use it weekly. I cannot tell you how much this has helped my machines stay fast because it cleans out all the unnecessary junk that floats in my RAM at any given time. Note that this software will also delete any saved login/password pages so be sure to add them to the safe list before running it. You can also add this software to your smart phone.
  3. Add Malware Bytes to your computer and use it weekly. The paid version will run in the background and quarantine anything that may be harmful to your computer. This software has proven to be extremely robust whether you use the free or paid version.
  4. Add Spyware Blaster to your computer and use it bi-weekly. This is geared toward ActiveX spyware and other harmful programs.
  5. Set up your PC computer to defragment once a month. Once again, having a lot of RAM is how you will maintain the speed of your machine and boost the functionality of your processor.

I love getting new equipment because it's so shiny and usually makes my software run at extremely fast rates. Be sure to keep it that way on a regular basis. In case you are having trouble with these steps as we say in Chicago, "I got a guy!"


Posted: Wednesday, June 1, 2016 7:14 AM by Dean's Team
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