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Not closing the lid when you flush. If the lid is open anything inside like germy water particles and you know what can spray across the room up to six feet away!! Research has proven this time after time.

So therefore, don’t use your cellphone in the bathroom. Of course you’ll say “Oh no, I never!” We know you are lying. According to a 2011 study at least 16% of phones have fecal matter on them and I’m sure it’s higher today. You wash your hands but don’t think of your phone that you put next to your face! Wipe with an antibacterial wipe a couple of times a day.

Don’t keep your makeup in the bathroom. With the spray research we must consider other things we leave out. We often keep our makeup on the bathroom counter. The same applies here. Store makeup in a caddy in your bedroom that you can bring into the bathroom in the morning. Also, storing makeup in the bathroom will make it even more susceptible to bacteria growth because of all the moisture.

Not using the fan. And open a window if you can. It really can eliminate much of the moisture so make sure to run it and even leave on for at least 15 minutes after your shower.

Drying towels on hooks. Towels need to breathe and dry flat. Bunching on a hook traps moisture and soap residue that can lead to bacteria growth. Lay towels flat on bars and launder after three uses.

Neglecting the shower curtain. Always make sure you pull it closed after showering so it can dry thoroughly. Spray down with Clorox® bleach spray every two weeks, it will rinse off the next time you shower.

Using the pouf too long. People, these are very inexpensive. They can also breed colonies of bacteria. Replace monthly. Personally, I know people who use them till they fall apart (me, though not any more).

Posted: Tuesday, April 26, 2016 10:50 AM by Dean's Team


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