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As you know spring and spring break is in the air. With everyone making plans for vacation or staycation, it can start to get costly. Even I'm going to enjoy the warmer and brighter weather in the coming weeks with a quick out of town weekend trip.

And then enter my friend who introduced me to Splitwise this weekend. It's a way for everyone who is traveling on trip to keep track of what they paid, what was paid by someone else and essentially make sure everyone gets paid back. Now you can go on that trip and everyone signs up on the app.

The app will keep a running total over the course of time, so you can pay back in one lump sum or multiples but it allows you to keep track without penny pinching. You also will receive email reminders from the app so you don't forget to pay someone. It has a very interesting aspect to it as well. Let's say 6 of you decide to share a limo one way and 8 of you share the return trip. With this app, you can easily split the amount according to each leg of the trip so those who don't use the entire trip are not overpaying for usage.

And the owners of Splitwise have also created Plates that allows you to split your dinner bill with up to 10 people including each dish cost as well as shared items like appetizers or bottles of wine. The cool thing is that Plates integrates with Splitwise.


Posted: Tuesday, March 22, 2016 9:42 AM by Dean's Team
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