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So you are a first time home buyer. Get ready for all sorts of little things that will come up. Hiring handymen for these simple jobs will cost you a fortune. You can literally find tutorials on everything from plumbing to carpentry online. So let’s take on some of those easier jobs to save some money. Having these simple tools on hand will make these jobs easier. These would also make a great wedding shower gift.

Painting - 9 inch paint roller frame with disposable covers. 2 ½ inch angled brush - buy quality here. Paint tray with plastic disposable covers. Painters tool - plastic with blade for scraping, spreader, putty removal and point for cleaning out cracks. One inch putty knife for filling nail holes. 6 inch drywall knife for patching wall dings.

Hand tools - screw driver with removable heads. Includes different sized Philips and straight heads. 16 ounce rip hammer. Light enough to control but heavy enough to drive large nails. 6 and 14 inch adjustable crescent wrenches. Adjustable channel lock pliers for shower heads, nuts and hoses.  Linesman pliers for twisting and cutting wire. Needle nosed pliers and vise grips. Utility knife to score and cut dry wall or linoleum.

Measure and level - 25 foot tape measure with a one inch blade. This can be extended without buckling for use when working alone. 4 foot spirit level for hanging shelves. Line or torpedo level for smaller jobs. Now there are even apps for your device that will level for you.

Garden - round point garden and flat edged shovels. Hand held spade. Wide rake. Good quality hedge clippers. With proper cleaning and care quality garden tools can last a lifetime.

A great investment would be a 18 volt battery powered drill. These come with screw driver attachments as well as drill bits. Look for quality here too. They make 14 volt but more power is better. Again don’t go for the bargain.


Posted: Tuesday, November 03, 2015 12:02 PM by Dean's Team


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