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Now that we are past the fourth we are getting into the midsummer. Usually we will be dealing with hotter temperatures and often drier conditions. This summer has been a little unusual in the Chicagoland area. We have mostly had very cool temperatures and a large amount of rain. This has been great for the grass which prefers a lot of water and cool weather. As in hot conditions we want to leave the grass a little longer. Cut more often never removing more than 1/3 the length. Always remember trees, lawn and garden require at least 1 inch of water per week. Augment if necessary, paying special attention to spots under cover of trees and bushes, put out an empty can and water until there is at least an inch in the can. These areas often stay dry even in pouring rain.

When watering trees it’s a good idea to use a root waterer. This gets the water right down to the roots where it is needed. Always water at the “drip line”. This is the perimeter around the tree where the branches reach the farthest. The roots reach as far as the branches. Water in three different spots around the perimeter at least one hour each. If you don’t have a root waterer simply trickle an open hose the same way.

The garden vegetables are going along nicely. No ripe tomatoes yet but many green ones on the vine. Keep harvesting veggies that are ready now like beans, peas and lettuce. Frequent picking will encourage more vegetables. Keep an eye out for pests. They often hide under leaves. Use a vegetable dust if you see any or notice chewing on leaves. Read labels thoroughly and follow directions to the letter. Many can be used up to two days before harvest. Always wash veggies before eating. We even use a little mild soap. Even if you don’t use pesticides, birds and animals are leaving their deposits everywhere!

With a little care and tending you can keep the lawn and garden going through the hottest summer.


Posted: Tuesday, July 14, 2015 9:17 AM by Dean's Team


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