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Maybe you have the latest smart phone or tablet or car, but don't over-look new technology for your home life! Consider an upgrade in technology with these five products:

The toilet is an essential tool in every living space, yet is often overlooked as a place to update your home's technology. The Numi toilet, by Kohler, has a motion-activated seat, deodorizing charcoal filter, a bidet wand and air dryer, built-in speakers, illuminated panels, and a foot warmer. Some small luxuries can go a long way.

It's not just a fad to take environmental sustainability into consideration when looking to update your home's technology, especially when it comes to water conservation. A smart shower, called Eterna and created by Oras, has a green light that indicates when you've gone over the recommended two-minute wash, and a red light when you've exceeded your share. A touch interface changes the water flow from the shower head to a spout wash, and it has precise temperature adjustments to prevent scalding or freezing.

Resembling a piece of modern art, with discreet touch controls, you can add a high-tech air purifier to any room in your home. Symptoms of asthma or allergies can worsen with air-borne toxins and the Airocide is the solution; a purification system designed by NASA scientists. Instead of a messy filtration system, this device uses nanotechnology to oxidize pathogens at a molecular level via two catalytic reaction chambers. Nothing quite like a breath of fresh air.

One of the many benefits of smart phones, is that they are slowly condensing a vast number of disparate tools into one mega-tool. Now it can replace your house keys as well. The CalypsoKey lives inside an iPhone case and when you tap it to its corresponding access point, it activates near-field communication technology and a dual-band RFID antenna, which then unlocks your door. Forget your keys? Don't want to bring them with? Here is your solution.

Being more independent by utilizing modern technology to generate your own electricity is a growing trend. There is no reason to not have tools to alter the sun's rays into usable energy. This weather-resistant Sun Table can be set up and moved around with ease, anywhere you need power. After just four hours in direct sunlight, it will reach a full charge and its inverter can juice up your laptops, cellphones, lights, and more.


Posted: Monday, June 24, 2013 4:44 PM by Dean's Team
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