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I live near the forest preserve in the far northwest side of Chicago. If you go north down my alley you run right into it. We are familiar with all the forest creatures that inhabit the woods. There are easy pickins going down the alley. In the past two weeks I’ve seen two raccoons, a possum and a skunk. The coopers hawk was back pigeon hunting in the back yard and leaving nothing but a pile of feathers. Now what does this tell us? Critters are putting on the feedbag! Fall is coming.


After the hot weather and drought we’ve been having it’s hard to imagine fall coming. Chicago and the entire Midwest have been living through the hottest and driest summer in memory. It’s been a stressful year for all, gardener included. There are a few things you can do now to repair some of the summer’s damage.


Even with proper watering the lawn is looking pretty ravaged by now. One good side effect is dead quack and crab grass. Rake up all the dead grass; you will have some bare patches. Mix topsoil with play sand. Three parts soil to one part sand. Spread over bare spots, making some extra to distribute over the rest of the lawn. Any lawn no matter how healthy can use some new soil. Cover with grass seed and moisten. Use a good mix for your area. If your lawn is subject to a lot of foot traffic; i.e. kids, use a mix with more fescue and less blue grass. Very important…the seed must be thoroughly moistened every day. If you do this you will have grass in two weeks. As it grows add screened fine topsoil. It should be well established by the first frost.




Posted: Thursday, August 30, 2012 9:27 AM by Dean's Team


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