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Last week in Chicago we got a taste of spring weather. So now the time is here for spring cleaning.  Before tackling the big jobs it will be easier if we get rid of as much clutter and junk as we can. We all accumulate so much stuff that we need to purge once in a while.

1.  Start now! Set a schedule, give yourself a time limit. The job will seem less daunting if you know you only have an hour to work.

2.  Each room should have a plan. An office is mainly paper organizing and purging. The basement is more involved with larger junk to get rid of.

3.  As I said before start small. Don’t try to do an entire room in one day. This will cause less frustration. That is why we need to start early.

4.  The best rule of thumb for categorizing clutter is to ask yourself if you have used the item in the last year?  If not toss it, recycle it or donate it! Many charities will pick up donations at your house.

5.  Store and sort winter clothes and furnishings. Wash or dry clean all clothing before storing.

6.  This is a good time to go through your shoe collection. There are many great storage solutions available for shoes. Clear plastic shoe boxes stack neatly in your closet. Under bed storage uses previously unused space.

7.  Go through the kitchen, refrigerator and medicine cabinet. Get rid of any out of date or expired items.    

So start small and tackle that junk now so when the weather finally does get warm we will be done with our inside cleaning. Then we will tackle the outside of the house, yard and garden!


Posted: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 9:57 AM by Dean's Team


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