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Cathy Mallers PhotoGetting to know a little about the inside of a computer is a helpful thing.  For instance, a computer can actually last five years before it's considered outdated.  With the rapid development in technology, computers evolve and change very fast causing consumers to change their computer in a shorter timeframe.  There are many reasons for this including the affordability of the new one or because the computer is run down.

A computer’s poor condition can be prevented and is usually due to poor maintenance and care.  So, here are some simple tips for maintenance and cleanliness to help increase the longevity of your PC.

Vacuum and dust frequently to remove dust, lint, carpet fibers, hair and smoke particles from your computer hardware.  Avoide putting your PC inside dark places where it can accumulate dust particles.  Dust can cause your computer to overheat and even cause permanent hardware failure.

Clean monitors and other delicate surfaces.  You can use a lint-free cloth when cleaning monitors and other delicate surfaces.  You can also use artist brushes or canned air for removing dirt in hard-to reach areas. Be sure to turn off your computer when performing this task.

Smoking near the computer can also contribute to the early deterioration of your computer.  Avoid putting your computer near anything that produces smoke, like cigarettes and fireplaces. 

Use compressed air to remove the dirt and the dust inside the CPU case.  Avoid using this on the floppy diskette, CD, DVD and Zip drives.  Blowing on dust with your breath can actually attract more dust since human breathe is moist. 

For cleaning LCD screens, use soft dry cotton.  If it fails to remove smudges on the screen, you can mix isopropyl alcohol with water on 50-50 ratio.  Avoid using any other kind of cleaning solution since this could harm the computer hardware.

Disconnect the keyboard when cleaning it.  Start by turning it upside down to remove anything that could be hiding behind the keys.  You can also used compressed air to remove materials stuck on the keyboard or antibacterial and disinfecting wipes. 

If you have a mouse with a ball, sometimes you will get strange movements.  Usually this is due to the mouse itself and its ball being dirty.  To clean it, disconnect it from the computer and release the ball so that you can clean it fully. 

When cleaning your computer you need to make sure that there is no water around the cleaning area.  Wearing antistatic bracelets during cleaning prevents any shocks that could affect your computer’s functionality.  You should also have a maintenance schedule to make sure that your computer is regularly cleaned. 


Posted: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 6:51 AM by Dean's Team
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