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We are midsummer in the Chicago area and the air is hot and humid. This causes wood to swell and causes many things around the house to become difficult to move.

Sliding doors become difficult to close when humidity attracts dust in the rails. To prevent this from happening, sweep out the rails with a corn whisk broom. Wipe the track with a few drops of multipurpose oil like 3-In-One.

Sticky windows or doors? Place a fan nearby to dry up the moisture in the wood. Once opened, rub the door jam or window track with soap or the end of a candle.

Free jar lids with hot water. Heat makes the metal in the lid expand and after 30 seconds don a pair of rubber gloves and the lid should come right off.

Water from any source will cause screws, bolts and nails to rust and fuse making it nearly impossible to get out. Douse the rusty hardware with cola. Let sit for 10 minutes to an hour depending on how much rust there is. The phosphoric acid in cola eats away stubborn rust. Wonder what it does to your stomach?

Drawers can actually break from swelling and being forced open. Prevent this by coating the drawers tracks and wheels with silicone spray (available at hardware stores).

Humidity can swell glass bowls making them impossible to get apart. Fill the top bowl with ice and place the bottom bowl in warm water. The top bowl will contract and the bottom one will expand so they separate easily.

Have a great Summer!


Posted: Tuesday, July 6, 2010 5:38 AM by Dean's Team


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