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Kathleen Weaver Zech - Dean's Team Director of Buyers Agency Services

Last week I walked you through some light fixes you can do before taking on large spring cleaning.  Here are some more quick fixes to make your transition from winter to spring easier.

Clean sluggish drains. This reduces the potential for leakage, pipe damage and overflow.

Check out the toilet. Any cracks? Is it properly secured? A loose toilet may need tightening, but be careful, over tightening can crack the porcelain.

Check for proper ventilation in the attic and soffits. Make sure all outside drains are clear of debris and water is flowing freely. Clogged drains can cause leakage into the basement.

Seal asphalt driveways. This prevents water related deterioration.

Test the garage door. The garage door should stop and or reverse if something blocks the movement, especially important if you have children.

Remove vegetation growing along the foundation. Overgrown vegetation is an invitation to rodents, insects and moisture. Also, large roots can cause damage to the foundation.

Flush out the water heater through the drain valve. This removes sediment that can damage the unit. This will also make the unit run more efficiently and safely.

Check interior and exterior stairs for any possible tripping hazards. Make sure they all have properly secured handrails.

Test all the ground fault interrupter outlets in your house. These are located near water sources in the house. These automatically stop power flow with water contact. If you don't have them contact an electrician. This is a relatively inexpensive fix for better safety.     

Next week is the start of spring, let's keep it safe.


Posted: Monday, March 15, 2010 7:49 PM by Dean's Team


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