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YOU KNEW THIS ONE WAS COMING - IL Ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich to Write Tell-All Book!


I have lived in Illinois, and in the Chicago Area, my entire life.  But, this story about disgraced ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich has me scratching my head.  Again!

According to Monique Garcia, in her Chicago Tribune story in today's edition, the impeached IL Former Governor will receive a six-figure fee for writing a book about, in publicist's Glen Selig's words, "The Dark Side of Politics."  Garcia continues to quote Selig, about the new book's focus on "the discussions, the considerations, and the factors in picking" a successor to President Obama to fill the IL seat in the U.S. Senate.

Target release date for the book, tentatively entitled, "The Governor," is this October.  It will be published by Phoenix Books, an independent publisher based in California.

The odd-ball thing about this chain of events is that Blagojevich still faces charges in Federal Court relating to his alleged attempts to peddle the Illinois U.S. Senate Seat in return for political contributions or other favors to himself or his Real Estate Broker wife, Patricia.  The charges, which came to light after disclosure of extensive wire tapping on the ex-governor's phones, both at his home and his Downtown Chicago office, created the groundswell under an impeachment trial in IL which removed Blagojevich from office last month.

Blagojevich continues to maintain his innocence, in public conversations and during a national TV media blitz both before and after his impeachment trial.  However, he refuses to substantiate the reasons for his innocence.

Legal experts contend any public statements and printed manuscripts can be used by the FBI to back up their charges against the ex-Governor.  Indeed, Michael Viner, President of Phoenix Books, indicated his "shock" that Blagojevich would be willing to write a tell-all book while facing likely criminal prosecution. 

At the moment, IL law does not prevent the ex-governor from writing a book and profiting from his story.  However, IL Representative Jack Franks of the Chicago Northwest Suburb of Marengo IL did introduce legislation in the Illinois Legislature blocking politicians from making a profit off of their stories if they have been convicted of a crime relating to the story while holding office.

"The Governor."  A top-selling blockbuster?  We'll have to see!


Posted: Tuesday, March 03, 2009 11:48 AM by Dean's Team


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