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Cathy Mallers PhotoGoogle is at it again!  You would think that Google is going after Internet Explorer but their sights have been set much higher - Microsoft’s Windows operating system. The new browser is called Chrome and is supposed to be the new wave for businesses who want to run Web-based software. It probably won't happen that soon.

Google announced the new browser in a 38-page comic book which details  features and the reasoning the new browser. Essentially, Google built a new browser with the idea that if there’s a browser that can run complex Web-based software then people will be more inclined to write complex Web-based software.

Skeptics are definitely going to watch and see if this will propel Google ahead of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.  Developers are torn between a desire to write the more sophisticated software, but are also asking why write what no one is using.  Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 currently holds the number one spot as most popular browser - owning the market at 47%.

To Google's defense when Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 6 in 2001, a lot of the software used with the platform were barely a glimmer in the user's eye.  Now Internet Explorer 6 is the second most used browser taking 25% of the market. It just doesn't appear that the major population is looking for a new Internet browser.  Only time will tell.  

The best summary written by Hank Williams, a software developer and blogger can be read here.


Posted: Monday, September 08, 2008 1:57 PM by Dean's Team
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