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Jeff Ardito - Dean's Team Listing Specialist!


With the immediate future of the Chicago Cubs ownership in obvious question there has been speculation as to how the Cubs would renovate Wrigley Field in an appropriate timeframe so as to accommodate a six-month regular season.  One proposal has the Cubs for one year playing their home games at US Cellular, the Home of Chicago White Sox.  This proposal has sparked some very good conversations on sports radio as well as among the fans of both teams in Chicago.

The first question revolves around whether or not the Cubs would outdraw the White Sox.  The second question revolves around whether or not the Cubs faithful would follow them on a regular basis to the South side.  The third question that is closely related to the last one is will the Cubs sell out every game and/or draw in excess of 3 million fans playing their home games at the Cell.

These and other questions made for some great debate and I would like to offer my feelings on this issue.  Regarding would the Cubs outdraw the Sox, I think they would but I also think the White Sox would see better attendance as more baseball fans become exposed to their stadium and the wonderful amenities it offers, not to mention the great food.  The Cubs, to this day, benefit from more than two generations of exposure on WGN and have a strong following in almost every city they visit.  I'm certain that die-hard Cub fans would consistently go to the Cell and see their beloved Cubs especially if they remain a contender to win the division.  Finally, I think the Cubs would draw more than 3 million fans especially due to their potential for winning the division.

What's interesting is that the Cell could wind up spoiling Cub fans into wanting more out of the Wrigley Field expansion than is possible.  For one, the parking and easy accessibility to the Cell is something that won't change with the location of Wrigley Field.  The modern amenities at the Cell and the comfortableness it provides is far superior to that of Wrigley Field.  So, it will be interesting to see what the Cubs do to Wrigley and what happens if the Cubs do indeed wind up playing at the Cell for the 2009 season or beyond.


Posted: Saturday, March 15, 2008 9:05 AM by Dean's Team


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